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.Core, Expansion and Developmental Sports.

With GBAC’s aim to instigate pupil participation and promote equal opportunity in inter-school competitions amongst school’s demographic, GBAC organises ‘B’ competitions in its core sports across multiple age groups. ‘B’ competitions are for pupils in reserve for their school’s ‘A’ team and who want to represent their school against pupils of similar ability to themselves. Only pupils outside of the member's regular starting lineups are eligible for ‘B’ competitions.


GBAC incorporates many sporting activities to give members schools a balanced and varied competition. These activities are divided into either core, expansion or developmental sports. A core sport is one where an annual league and tournament are hosted every year across each age category. Each expansion sport has an annual tournament in each age category. developmental sports has a tournament hosted every year for a single age category.


New expansion and developmental sports can be proposed at any time by any school member. Those sports will be considered first by the Committee and then brought to a vote amongst members.


With GBAC ever-expanding the amount of fixtures students can participate in, we plan to increase the number of core, expansion, developmental sports steadily over the next few academic years.

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