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.Great Bangkok Athletics Conference Overview.

.GBAC Overview.

The Greater Bangkok Athletics Conference (GBAC) provides member schools with a forum to facilitate the conduct of inter-school athletic activities. Each member school will strive to maintain a common air of cooperation and understanding as efficient and rewarding annual programmes of activities are carried out.



GBAC aims to provide a sports league to schools in Greater Bangkok that encourages healthy participation through fair play, friendly competition, and athletic growth.


GBAC’s vision as a conference is to offer all our members and future members the opportunity to participate. GBAC is willing to work with any educational establishment that creates sporting opportunities, has the willingness and expertise to instigate pupil participation, and promotes equal opportunity in inter-school competitions amongst their school’s demographic.

.League structure.

GBAC schools for league seasons are split into the following conferences:    



Each member is allocated to a conference based on geographical location, with the Asok Junction being the current boundary.

During the regular season, each school will play once, either at home or away. The locations of the fixtures will be alternated each year. The top of each conference will participate in a playoff final to decide the winner of the league. The location will rotate each year with the top of that conference playing host, and a suitable date must be arranged by the two schools prior to the conclusion of the basketball/football season.

GBAC Conferences Table Feb 2024.png
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