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.Membership Application Process.

The entry point for new schools applying for the Greater Bangkok Athletics Conference:

March/April/May application process allowing for a possible entry in August.

.A school applying for the GBAC will go through the following application process:.

  1. Contact a GBAC committee member via email. A GBAC committee member will send the GBAC Handbook and GBAC Membership Application Form. Committee members’ email addresses can be found here.

  2. Away friendlies played against at least three GBAC schools, including a minimum of two committee members. Participating across a minimum of three age groups, both genders, in the two core GBAC sports.

  3. Reading of the GBAC Handbook, completion of the GBAC Membership Application Form, and submission to Luke Harris.

  4. Hosting a friendly fixture against at least one committee member. Participating in one age group, both genders, in one of the core sports.

  5. School inspection by at least two committee members.

  6. GBAC member schools confirmation email.

  7. Pay Admission Fee  ฿13,750 (Marketing updating; GBAC branding, website)

  8. Provisional Membership granted with specific school targets to uphold.

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